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 CrackerJacks tips09.08.2019 17:00

Faeo is vast and so is the knowledge and the secrets that are held within it. No one person can truly know it all, or even comprehend it fully. Still, there is desire for this knowledge. This desire has given birth to the team of 'CrackerJacks'.

They are formed with one goal in mind, which is to bring forth the lesser known knowledge. CrackerJacks aim to convey tips and tricks to you all that you can use in various parts of your Faeo life. 



Did you know?


  • The amount of extra gold given by the gold pot varies according to different level groups:



- Level 1-7: +20%
- Level 8-10: +15%
- Level 11-17: +10%
- Level 18+: +20%

 - "powered by GokBoru-"

  • If your chat fails, instead of retyping or copy/pasting your message again, you can just press up on the directional keypad and it brings up last sent message. - "powered by Facade"

  • During Fire Fury event, you can get up to 2600 Eldive Reputation even if you are not mage yet (level 11+).  - "powered by Black_Light" 

  • Are you lower than lvl 16 and have too many faulty efrils? Do you have no idea what to do with these? Well, you can break them with mica mallet (bought from antiquarian) and use the pieces to make minotaur summons (found in gnome runes). - "powered by lord-war"

  • Have you lost the track of how many times you have fed the fry in the August event (Time for the Great Outdoors)? Worried you will over or underfeed it? You can check the number in your backpack. Just go to Backpack -> Attributes -> Events -> Goldfish's Satiety - "powered by Mercury"

A Big Thank You to all Contributors.

You will receive your codes in the next days via ingame mail. 




You want to share your own secret tips with the community
Send a letter with your tip to  CrackerJack!

For every published tip you will get a code!

Author: tceba, editor note: tceba

1. orrin 13.08.2019 02:58
the 2nd should be a bug... well so be it

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